Are you really getting to see the very best selection of employees available for the jobs you need to fill? Expand your search for great employees through the community-wide KnoxWorx Network.

KnoxWorx utilizes a strong network, deeply embedded into our community…your community.
A valuable and reliable recruiting resource, it provides employers with the opportunity to tap into a pool of candidates who have a strong awareness of their strengths and how to maximize them. We’re helping people better understand how to launch and sustain a great career.

KnoxWorx connects people at multiple levels, through various neighborhoods, companies, organizations, industries and civic minded groups, allowing you to expand your search for great employees into areas of the community that you might not ever have had access to.

Using evaluations and assessments, candidates in our network are encouraged and challenged to better understand how they are made and in turn how that relates to their career choices. But the most important and effective parts of this network approach are the many relationships. Mentors and leaders within the system serve to help candidates focus on improving, understanding outcomes and accepting responsibility for their own success.

If you sense that you’re only seeing a small selection of the talent that is really available, join the KnoxWorx network and make your search for great employees more effective.

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Disclaimer – KnoxWorx reserves the right to cancel or delete job postings without notice.