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feature - setAt Face Forward Knox, we believe each of us has strengths and talents that can, in some way, contribute to a satisfying and meaningful career. We also believe in second chances for young men and women who have come into contact with the juvenile court system. Through judicial diversion or perhaps expungement, young people can still face forward into their future.

Let us help you explore what you are capable of and help connect you to a successful job. Certain eligibility requirements exist; including area of residence, age and the nature of the juvenile offense.

In a few short months, we’ll work with you to complete three distinct goals:


  • Self Assessments – Learn more about your strengths and abilities
  • Career Assessments – Uncover career possibilities based on talents and preferences
  • Educational Assessments – Identify gaps and opportunities that will help you and the Face Forward Case Manager develop a plan that will move you forward

Create a Customized Plan
With the help of the Face Forward Case Manager, you’ll develop a plan designed to:

  • Fill educational gaps
  • Identify steps towards developing a career
  • Explore possible work experience
  • Provide a mentor
  • Satisfy the juvenile court’s diversion requirements

Explore Area Businesses
You will have the opportunity to visit workplaces that match your interests and see how your interests can translate into a career you’ll enjoy. Find out what it takes to make a career your own!

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FACT: 76% of at-risk teens who had a mentor are more likely to be in college now versus 56% who did not have a mentor.

The Face Forward program is funded by the Department of Labor