Face Forward FAQ

Who is eligible to participate in the Face Forward program?
There are two eligible groups of participants:

  1. Young people ages 16 to 24 years of age who have found themselves involved with the juvenile justice system. These referrals come through the juvenile court.
  2. Young people 16 to 24 years of age who have a minor juvenile charge on their record. Many times, through their enrollment in Face Forward, they can have their record cleared. This paves the way for them to land a great job or enroll in an important educational program. This portion of the program is open to referrals from the community.

What is the objective of the Face Forward program?
One objective is to provide judicial diversion to prevent juvenile offenses from appearing on someone’s record. These are the referrals that come directly from the juvenile court.

Another objective is to help with expungement – designing a plan that will allow the court to remove past juvenile offenses from a young person’s record; don’t want a juvenile offense showing up on a background check when someone is applying for a job.

Finally, we simply want to help young people explore how their talents and gifts might be the foundation of a great career. Our process involves using assessments and planning tools, exploring careers and spending time with people who are actually involved in those areas of work. It’s fun and interesting!

Who are the mentors?
Caring adults who have had similar life experiences or who share common interests. There are opportunities for one-on-one mentoring matches as well as interest based mentoring, where a small group of people who share like passions can gather together and talk.

The biggest advantage is that the young person gets to learn from the mentor’s experiences. Mentors can share insights about education, careers, industries and more. But most importantly, mentors can often become lifelong friends.

What’s in it for the young people who successfully complete the program?
Plenty! They will get to resolve issues with the juvenile court in a way that keeps their record clean. They will have the opportunity to develop a life and career plan, receiving the tools to understand how to successfully accomplish their plan. They will see how their current education fits with their desired career and what is needed to land that career. They will meet interesting people who share their interests and have a real desire to see them succeed. There may even be some opportunities to earn a pay check!

What are the requirements for enrollment?
Face Forward participants must live within specific areas of the city and county, be between 16 and 24 years of age, currently involved with the juvenile court system or have had a past juvenile offense added to their record.

Why is this program needed?
Today’s job market is very competitive, and young people who wish to compete for these jobs need help in preparing for them. There’s also a need to know how to develop a life plan and achieve the goals one sets for their life.

How long does the program take to complete?
Depending upon the situation, the average time in the program could be 6 to 12 months

How can I sign up to be a mentor for young people involved in Face Forward?
Excellent question! Click here to apply to be a mentor. We’ll contact you shortly after and explain the whole process.

The Face Forward program is funded by the Department of Labor.