Churches and Partners

There are dozens of individuals in our community who are unable to fulfill their God-given purpose to work. It is likely that many of them are members of your congregation, looking for employment that will allow them to support themselves and their families.

KnoxWorx’s programs provide community-building, job training and employment opportunities designed to help individuals gain meaningful employment that will improve their physical, spiritual, emotional and financial wellbeing.


Establish a Job Club

KnoxWorx Job Clubs meet at local churches and exist to connect unemployed individuals in the community with supportive career mentors, or as we call them, SET partners, and individuals also experiencing transition. Our network of Job Clubs provides encouragement, support, networking and discussion that will propel job seekers forward as they look for meaningful employment opportunities.

Establishing a Job Club will connect your church with the surrounding community, creating supportive space for job seekers as they navigate the job search process.

Learn more about establishing a Job Club in your church.

Refer Congregants to the SET for Success Program

KnoxWorx’s SET for Success program offers practical support, encouragement, job search training and networking opportunities for unemployed members of our community. Participants receive training sessions focused on practical job search issues, topical meetings and workshops, interaction with local business leaders and access to job listings within the region.

This four-month program provides an opportunity for members of your congregation who are experiencing a challenging career transition to receive support and individualized job search training.

Learn more about the SET for Success Program and the way in which your congregants can get involved.

Encourage Participation as SET partners

SET partners are men and women in the community who walk alongside of participants in the SET for Success program. Over a four-month time frame, SET partners meet with program participants, in small group and individual settings, offering insight and Godly perspective that is meant to serve as encouragement during the job search process. Whether business leaders or community members who desire to support the unemployed, SET partners step in as career mentors during a time of transition.

Learn more about SET partners on our Mentors page.