Job Clubs

feature - job clubsHelping People Maximize Their Competitiveness

KnoxWorx Job Clubs provide the space for job seekers to talk to people who have “been there, done that” and be encouraged by hearing other people’s success stories, talk to business professionals, and get advice that might ease the pressure of a career transition. KnoxWorx Job Clubs provide a place for people to gather together and encourage each other, compare job search techniques and share new career search ideas.


Meeting formats vary, but clubs strive…

To offer:

  • Opportunities to discuss job search methods – what has worked, what hasn’t.
  • Opportunities to share job market news – who is hiring, what new jobs may be coming.
  • Discussions regarding employers’ needs and expectations – what exactly do they look for.
  • Insight to the current dynamics in recruiting, interviewing and hiring practices – how to optimize efforts.
And to:

  • Share and celebrate success stories
  • Host guest speakers and subject matter experts
  • Facilitate networking opportunities
  • Participate in a variety of other KnoxWorx events and programs
Each job club is connected to the KnoxWorx network, which enables club participants to see job openings from the entire network and to share their career goals with the other job clubs within the network.

For 20 years, KLF has been an important contributor to a network of businesses, educators, faith based organizations, and other key agencies in the Knoxville community. Utilizing those relationships, KnoxWorx programs focus on helping the unemployed or underemployed and others who are seeking a career path that fits their God-given talents.

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