Forming a Job Club

KnoxWorx Job Clubs exist to connect unemployed individuals in the community with supportive career mentors and others experiencing transition in their careers. Our strong network of Job Clubs, which meet in local churches, provides encouragement, networking, support and discussion for those who are unemployed.

There are dozens of individuals in your community without work and on the lookout for employment opportunities. Launching a KnoxWorx Job Club will create a supportive space for these job seekers, strengthen relationships between the community and the church and serve individuals in career transition.

We provide the resources. You provide the encouragement and consistent support. We will work with you to establish a framework for your Job Club that meets the needs of the community.

To learn more about launching a Job Club, please contact Tim Waldo, KnoxWorx Director.

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DID YOU KNOW: The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) accounted for