Job Clubs FAQ

What are job clubs?
These are meetings hosted by various churches around the city and are intended to offer additional networking opportunities, some encouragement, any job openings that come through the KnoxWorx network of job clubs and the chance to discuss issues that club participants encounter with regard to the career search.

What happens at these club meetings?
The club gatherings are great opportunities for unemployed folks to ask questions, seek advice and gather information that can help make their job search more successful. Each club will have a variety of people in attendance that have had the experience of being unemployed or have some specific area of specialty. These folks share their insights and success stories, either in small groups or in workshop environments. Each meeting will be designed to help you gain confidence in your job search.

Who usually participates in job club meetings?
There are job seekers and encouragers. Encouragers have a heart to serve job seekers, so they may take on the role of career mentor or coach or they may just be available as a sounding board. In some cases subject matter experts and business managers or owners may come and share insights and information. Often times there are employers coming out to find good employees to fill job openings they have.

Where do the job clubs meet?
There are a several clubs already meeting and we’re looking to add more. Click here for an up to date list of all Job Club locations.

When do these job clubs meet?
Different clubs meet at different times. Click here for an up to date list of all Job Club locations. There you will also see the meeting times, and hours for each club and the contact person’s information.

Why are these clubs needed?
Being without work is tough. There is a lot of pressure to find employment. Job club meetings are focused on sharing good news, sound job search practices and advice. They offer opportunities to develop a great career network; but mainly these clubs exist to encourage anyone who is unemployed.

How can my church start a job club?
We’re looking to build a strong, supportive network. For more information about Job Clubs contact Tim Waldo.