Why should I mentor? 

There are many benefits that come with a mentoring relationship for everyone involved! It’s a chance to cultivate new friendships, learn from each other and learn from a new generation. A few highlights of the positive effects of a mentoring relationship are:

Improved educational outcomes
Improved career outcomes
Improved self-esteem

Opportunity to share your knowledge
Opportunity to give back to the community
Opportunity to encourage

Connect with your neighbors in Knoxville and serve as an ally for individuals involved in our two programs:

KnoxWorx Job Clubs

KnoxWorx Job Clubs offer a way to invest in the lives of people in our community. A season of unemployment can be stressful and challenging. Mentors can encourage job seekers, help them form a strategy, prepare for interviews and be a part of their support system. An hour here, a phone call there, attend a job club meeting – all of these are great options to help someone as they navigate the next steps in their career path.

There are opportunities to invest in participants through this program. Spend a few hours a month one-on-one or in a group mentoring setting. Mentoring is simply investing in someone’s life. Be a friend and an advocate for these young people. Talk with them about their education, their career options and get to know them. Share your own career and life experiences. You can make a difference in the lives of our participants!

Ready to pay it forward and invest in others through mentoring? Fill out this short mentor application form, and a member of the KnoxWorx team will contact you to provide further details.