Job Seekers

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Finding the right employment in today’s job market takes a much more focused effort than ever before. It requires a strategy, effective networking and the ability to clearly communicate your experience and the value you can bring to an organization.

KnoxWorx programs and workshops are designed to assist individuals in our community looking for meaningful jobs or to make a career change.

Our collaborative program will equip you in several areas, from providing advice about how to find a job by tracking down available job openings with local employers to engaging with a career mentor and establishing a job network that will serve as an asset in your career search. Each SET for Success class serves as a support system. You’ll also connect and network with others who are experiencing the challenges that come with unemployment.


Focuses on the practical: resume building, job search planning, communication and interview techniques. Workshops covering relevant and helpful topics are led by subject matter experts.


Encouragement is found in relationships with other job seekers and SET partners, successful, established business people who come alongside job seekers as career mentors, providing insight, strategy and suggestions for landing a new career. SET meetings bring these groups together to discuss opportunities, methods and ideas.


Needs and possible sources for training are identified through interaction with the KnoxWorx team and through some basic testing tools. This training aims to help strengthen skill sets and improve the odds of landing a good job and excelling at that job.