SET for Success FAQ

Who is eligible for the SET for Success program?
Anyone who is searching for employment or may be facing the prospect of unemployment, as well as anyone who wants to change careers and get on a different career path.

What is the objective of the SET for Success program?
Our main goal is to encourage job seekers. Some of the ways we can do this is by helping them understand the job search process, helping them develop a career search strategy, and sharing buy a research paper online do my homework other tips, ideas and news. Guest presenters help job seekers by sharing insights and experiences about their own career journey.

What are SET partners and what do they do?
These are caring individuals who offer job seekers guidance and encouragement aimed at helping them navigate the career changes they face. SET partners serve as career mentors, listening, sharing experiences and offering insight into the search process.

How do SET partners and clients interact?
There are training sessions scheduled periodically, and there are job clubs formed around the city and county to allow job seekers and SET partners to share regularly. Informally, job seekers and SET partners meet for coffee and conversation periodically.

When do training sessions occur and what exactly is covered?
Training sessions are focused on the practical buy a research paper online do my homework side of the career search. There are two workbooks that lay out a system or process that includes how to deal with change, how to design a job search strategy, important tips on resumes and cover letters and a whole lot more. We share the dates and places well in advance for those planning to attend.

Why is this program important?
Being unemployed can be a difficult season. Having caring and supportive people around you to encourage and interact are one of the most important aspects of a successful career search. Networking and sharing strategy ideas can help inject some proactivity into the search process. Understanding how the job search process works increases the probability that your search will have a successful outcome.

How long does the program last?
Initial training consists of two half day sessions. Four SET meetings follow the training, one about every two weeks, providing an opportunity for more encouragement, to cover important topics and to gather and share ideas with other job seekers and SET partners. The formal part of the program lasts about three months total. After that, clients can meet with SET partners weekly and attend other KnoxWorx programs and club meetings.